Check out a list of Downloads here for Indie labels.

Several independent film, DVD distributors have lost their stock – in many cases, all of their held stock – in a fire caused by the rioters in London. So how can you help ?

It may not, in all cases, be enough but do what you can. Many of the films available from these distributors can be purchased not only as hard copies, but as downloads.

Below are links by which you can visit the iTunes store or other online stores and buy films from these distributors. If enough copies of enough films get purchased, it will make a real impact on the distributors’ chances of comeback from the arson attack.

Treating yourself to a movie or two could play an important part in keeping these companies ticking over. There’s more than enough film lovers out there in the UK to get this done, I’m sure.

The following list will be updated.


Dogwoof Films

Dogwoof Films have a web page that will link you to the correct part of iTunes for several of their films.

Arrow Films

Several Arrow Films are available as VOD via Blinkbox

Artifical Eye

Films from the Artificial Eye catalogue are available via iTunes

The Tree


Winter’s Bone

Axiom Films

Axiom Films have a good DVD page on their website.


The BFI have a “Download Films” page on their website.


Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame

IP Man 2

Woochi: The Demon Slayer

Dogwoof Films

Dogwoof Films have a web page that will link you to the correct part of iTunes for several of their films. Several of them are real diamonds.

Exposure Cinema

A very small distributor, none of their films are available in digital format. But buying their stuff from HMV, for example, will still add to their coffers.

Eureka and Masters of Cinema

Eureka don’t have many titles for purchase via download, but would like you to know there’s stock at Amazon, and you can support them by buying there. New copies of some of their top titles are on way to their trade partners soon, and none of their August releases – Schloss VogelodColossal Youth or Strigoi - were affected.

Kaleidoscope Films

Bikini Girls On Ice

Dream Home

From the Ashes

Metrodome Films

on  iTunes

I Am Love


Rabbit Hole

New Wave Films

New Wave Films have compiled a page that links to iTunes for their various titles (including the remarkably distinctive HelenTwo In The Wave, 35 Shots of Rum and many more) if you click on the cover of choice.

Peccadillo Pictures

Peccadillo Pictures have direct links to iTunes for several of their films from a Facebook page.

Revolver Entertainment

Revolver have a web page with iTunes, Blinkbox, LoveFilm and On Demand links for most of their catalogue.

Showbox Home Entertainment

Love And Other Pursuits

Henry Of Navarre

Kokoda: 39th Batallion


The following are available from Mubi


The Detective

Hansel & Gretel

Third Window Films

Everything Third Window have on Mubi can be found on a single page – we think Fish Story and peppermint Candy will be amongst the most popular, but check the whole lot out.

Trinity Film

Gaspar Noe to the wonderful Benda Billilli
they have at their online store

Warp Films

None of Warp’s films are available for download, but buying the stock they have at their online store will help them no end. They were also hit as record label in this same fire.